Clothes free yogis you should know

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As nude recreation week comes to a close we want to feature some yogis who practice clothes free. They are different ages, genders, and races. They come to the practice of yoga from different places; A mom with busy kids, a guy recovering from a back injury, an aspiring yoga teacher, a woman who began embracing clothes free living through yoga, a woman whose introduction to yoga was going to hot yoga with a friend while in college. Each one of them finds something uniquely liberating about the practice of yoga clothes free.

At first, I loved how good I felt physically after a class and that led me to practice more and more. I noticed how different my body felt when I didn’t practice for a few days. I didn’t like it. Mentally, I noticed changes happening as well. I was able to clear my mind when thoughts became…

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Calling clothes free yogis

Yeah you do 🙂 That’s right, YOU. Color the portfolio of clothes free yoga by sharing your practice!

Send photo shares to editor(at) by Friday July 11 4pm EDT.

And yes, your practice is perfect just the way it is, because you’re perfect. Do it. Be that person. SHARE.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home is seeking #clothesfreeyogis to feature on our site in special #clothesfreeyoga feature DM if interested or send your #clothesfreeyogi photos and a brief bio to editor(at) deadline is this Friday 4 p.m.#Nakedyogi #bareyogi #nudeyoga #nakedyoga #bareyoga #bareandfit #nudeyoga

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Records and Conversations

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hh writing pink penSometimes I wonder to myself, “Why am I posting naked pictures of myself on the internet?” Am I some kind of exhibitionist? Do I want attention? What’s the point?” NO. I realized during a writing reflection session that I am sharing my naked soul to create a personal history and to be part of something great.

I find myself searching hard and long for a wide range or balance of stories about clothes free experiences, soulful shares that go beyond sexual posts or piles of judging rants. I look for what this clothes free life does for people on the inside, how it shifts their way of being, what they gain, who they are. But as my yoga teachers say, how can I ask these things of others if I myself don’t contribute? And I’m hungry to create and share soulful conversations.

hh morning tea and tonicA little personal history – When I was a kid my family had a lot…

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nakedly refreshed

Originally posted on clothesfreelife:

Last night I had an amazing time being out with a small group of women and sharing from the heart. Every now and then, the group of us get together and catch up on the latest changes in our lives. In the past, I have talked about some things, but last night, I really opened up and talked about things I never thought I’d confess to others in all my life.

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Naked star gazing

love this


At night the naked giants looked longingly at the stars.

They sought their origins in the costellations.

But their vision suffered from myopia,

so the stars and the great constellations were but a blur.

There ears were no better, fitted for hearing things near, not far.

But they had a sixth sense, as only naked giants have.

Telepathically they searched and searched for other naked giants.

And what if they found them? They had no transport that would take them there.

And what if they found them? Even if they could communicate by mind alone?

Then they would know. They would know where they came from

and that they were not alone in the galaxy.

That they were not freaks, unusual among those on Earth,

but with a shared genotype with others,

even if far away.

That is why they searched the heavens at night.

That is why they longed…

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npr conneticut does good broadcast on nudism

I absolutely loved this interview. I loved that they spent just shy of 50 minutes talking about so many aspects of true clothes free life: personal experiences, venues, laws, art… so much. Give this a listen. Seriously.

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They feature real people who are genuine nudists/naturists/clothes free and use the phrase clothes free lifestyle yeah for clothes free life!

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poem: i say of beauty

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I Say of Beauty

They said of beauty, “This”
An image faking bliss
Lines that don’t exist
They said of beauty, “This.”

They said of beauty, “She.”
No beauty found in “He”
Who cares what think “We”
They said of beauty, “She.”

They said of beauty, “That.”
A dress, a classy hat
Buy it off the rack
They said of beauty, “That.”

But then I stopped and thought
What damage has this wrought
What souls have these lies caught
Yes, I sat and thought

And then I said, “No more.”
Exiting the store
Gave up the beauty chore
I chose and said, “No more.”

I sayof beauty, “Me.”
This beauty that I see
Inner beauty free
I sayof beauty, “Me.”

June 14, 2015

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a mother extols the values of being clothes free to teach her daughters

I love everything about this article. Everything.

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The Glories of Nudity

For the last few years I’ve been indulging in nudist behavior. With my kids. In public. And it’s been wonderful. It began four years ago, when my 6-year-old daughter and I were invited to an unusual birthday party at a castle-like Korean spa. Our hostess gave me a heads-up that the first portion of the day would require some nudity, so I wasn’t entirely surprised when, after we checked in, we were directed to an enormous room with separate lockers for our shoes and clothes. It was challenging to disrobe without feeling utterly exposed, but I didn’t want to show my daughter I was fazed by it, so I stripped off and closed the locker door on my clothes. Our children make us so much braver.

Yet as I’ve returned to this spa, and as my daughters grow ever-closer to puberty, my enjoyment of the naked…

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Unmasked Honesty

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Last night I had a bit of a health scare. Something from years ago flared up, and its occurrence frightened me. But here’s the thing, I was able to step back and watch it. I credit that moment of still observation to my clothes free life and clothes free yoga practice, because in the past, when things like this have happened, I would skate over the issue or try to fix it with a quick pill or whatever. I’d attempt to muscle my way through. The removing of clothes has been a huge resource for me to tap into honesty and stillness, a willingness and commitment to be real with myself.

Last night I did a clothes free yoga practice at home. As the DVD was going, I noticed at first I was trying to muscle my way through, trying to be hard core and perfect. Then somewhere around the middle of…

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