Thanks to your support we’ve reached another milestone

I share this post from to celebrate a significant milestone it reached a few days ago —>

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make a Web Mag possible. Earl D, the Founder, Curator and Editor-in-Chief, built the site from the ground up 4 years ago, and continued to evolve the project from its humble beginnings to a dynamic web mag with multiple contributors, original pieces, research, projects and more.

Much of his sweat behind the scenes involves constantly reaching out to people all over the world for their perspectives and shares; consistently staying on top of tech needs to keep the site current, safe and secure; observing and watching trends and needs within and outside of the clothes free community; trying different approaches to see what resonates with people considering clothes free life, newbies and long-time lifers; being open to listening to and learning from people of many different backgrounds; research; engaging in dynamic discussions with others; reading; and, of course, making time for oneself to reflect, experience and write on one’s own experience as well as research pieces. That kind of work is not easy, and things don’t always work out. So, to have someone who is consistently committed to this work in service of others for 4 years onward is no small thing.

This requires a person who is working in service of others, a greater and common good. It is an expensive endeavor in terms of time and resources, a challenging, humbling and inspiring kind of work. So, I share this post not only because expresses thanks to everyone who reads, visits, supports, references and contributes to it… but also to acknowledge and give thanks for the vision, dedication and service of the founder.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Only a week or so after our fourth anniversary the support in terms of the number of people viewing the site is tremendous. We want to say thank you to all of our regular long time readers and welcome to all the new folks. We are glad you have found us! Thank you to those who take the time to comment on our posting whether we agree or not

Yesterday we had the largest number of page views to date, almost 4, 000. We crossed the threshold of a 1/4 million visitors and more than a million and a quarter views. That is strictly by word of mouth and personal referrals since this site limits search engine traffic intentionally to keep our readership out of the realm of those searching for stuff unrelated to naturism and clothes free living. A huge thank you for sharing our site and content goes…

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