Black to the future:Naturism,nudism, and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community

Part 4 “Back to the future,” published today, is the final Installment of the #blackhistorymonth series “Naturism, nudism and clothes free living: African Americans and the clothes free community.” This piece and the others in the series were researched and written by Earl D, Founder, Curator and Editor-in-Chief of
I have found this series to be particularly interesting to read and digest for a number of reasons. 1 – I am black , residing in the United States. 2 – I have wondered about black participation in naturism. 3 – Although I have taken quite well to clothes free life since 1.5 years ago, I have wondered about the landscape of participants. I have some thoughts that I will share in another post for in the next day, but I encourage folks to read through not only this piece, but the others in the series that the founder wrote. Share your thoughts on those posts (on the original links to them), even if they are uncomfortable.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

“Being a naturist, I chose to experience my nudity outdoors in natural environments and indoors within communities of diverse people in non sexual environments. For me, it’s a choice to openly and intimately experience myself in every season. I openly and intimately embrace all of the elements: air, fire, water, earth. And I commit to maintaining practices of self-love and self-acceptance through all the seasons of my life. I chose to have my first naturist experience during a time in my life when I was consciously seeking and exploring personal, spiritual and tangible liberation and freedom.” Jasmine Burems – Honey & Gold – The Goddess Lifestyle

So where do we stand? What is the current state of the relationship between African-Americans and the clothes free community? Is the clothes free community and the practice of clothes free living an inherently a white European practice? I wish I could say the…

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