Happy Birthday CFL

Reblogging this post from clothesfreelife.com – the Clothes Free Life site celebrates it 4th year in operation today.

My note: I truly appreciate this resource as it has been an integral part of my clothes free coming of age process. It has been a place for me to learn, share, and consider different points of views that folks note in their comments. I am grateful for its commitment, vision and resources. Words cannot express how much this place has truly meant to me, a kind of home in the mess of the internet. Thanks for putting this together, evolving it, and expanding it to be so many wonderful things. It makes a difference. It does.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com


Got a reminder at the stroke of midnight that clothesfreelife.com is 4 years old today. What started as one guy’s effort to engage clothes free community re-blogging photos and stuff he thought was related to nudist life; morphed into a humble blog about his experience and other nudist goings on; and evolved into a multi-contributor blog; and now a web magazine with global contributors sharing original content, featuring curated news,with 1000s of page views daily. But one simple pursue shapes this effort to support exploring and engaging clothes free life.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this effort to many to name. Your stories, experiences, thoughts, words, and effort are invaluable. Thanks to all who visit and read and comment for you are the raison d’entre behind this effort, the life blood for which we toil. Thank you to all the silent supporters who reblog and share our content…

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