Rape Culture, Misogyny and a Misguided Mayor

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It appears that our underlying misogynistic culture is always eager to grab an opportunity to rear its ugly head. The ignorance that shapes such a culture is not restricted to just the masses. Oh no! This time it spewed forth its verbal diarrhea from the mouth of a supposed aristocrat – the mayor of Port of Spain, who, in an attempt to clean up the mess he initially caused, spewed forth something resembling an apology, which only made such diarrhea more painful to stomach.

Social media has been abuzz with Mayor Tim Kee’s initial address regarding the death of Japanese native, Asami Nagakiya, who was found dead in the Queen’s Park Savannah while still clad in her carnival costume. His address encapsulated the very essence of our rape culture with brief highlights of his own personal views on Carnival and ‘wining’. The Mayor appeared quite confident rambling on with his…

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