Happy Birthday CFL

Reblogging this post from clothesfreelife.com – the Clothes Free Life site celebrates it 4th year in operation today.

My note: I truly appreciate this resource as it has been an integral part of my clothes free coming of age process. It has been a place for me to learn, share, and consider different points of views that folks note in their comments. I am grateful for its commitment, vision and resources. Words cannot express how much this place has truly meant to me, a kind of home in the mess of the internet. Thanks for putting this together, evolving it, and expanding it to be so many wonderful things. It makes a difference. It does.

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Got a reminder at the stroke of midnight that clothesfreelife.com is 4 years old today. What started as one guy’s effort to engage clothes free community re-blogging photos and stuff he thought was related to nudist life; morphed into a humble blog about his experience and other nudist goings on; and evolved into a multi-contributor blog; and now a web magazine with global contributors sharing original content, featuring curated news,with 1000s of page views daily. But one simple pursue shapes this effort to support exploring and engaging clothes free life.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this effort to many to name. Your stories, experiences, thoughts, words, and effort are invaluable. Thanks to all who visit and read and comment for you are the raison d’entre behind this effort, the life blood for which we toil. Thank you to all the silent supporters who reblog and share our content…

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There are negroes among us – Naturism, nudism and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community

Part 3 of the series “Naturism, nudism and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community” for black history month. Originally researched and written by the Founder, Curator and Chief Editor of clothesfreelife.com.

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NATURISM IS FOR “every body,” as the saying goes, and its offer of freedom, health, and social equality are inherently available to any and all. Yet naturism in North America remains blindingly white. – Mark Storey Nude & Natural 25.3

imageDescribed as the golden age of nudism by some the post World War II era of nudism wasn’t so golden for African-Americans in the U.S.  The African-American experience in the clothes free community reflected very much what was happening in the rest of society. The racial prejudice and segregation present in the broader society was present in the U.S. naturist/nudist subculture. Perhaps inspired by the experiences of “negro” GIs returning from WWII in Europe or buoyed by the ideals of emerging civil rights movement, the African-Americans actively sought to take part in naturist/nudist/ communities, clubs and camps. This interest was significant enough to permit a report on the phenomenon…

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Rape Culture, Misogyny and a Misguided Mayor

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It appears that our underlying misogynistic culture is always eager to grab an opportunity to rear its ugly head. The ignorance that shapes such a culture is not restricted to just the masses. Oh no! This time it spewed forth its verbal diarrhea from the mouth of a supposed aristocrat – the mayor of Port of Spain, who, in an attempt to clean up the mess he initially caused, spewed forth something resembling an apology, which only made such diarrhea more painful to stomach.

Social media has been abuzz with Mayor Tim Kee’s initial address regarding the death of Japanese native, Asami Nagakiya, who was found dead in the Queen’s Park Savannah while still clad in her carnival costume. His address encapsulated the very essence of our rape culture with brief highlights of his own personal views on Carnival and ‘wining’. The Mayor appeared quite confident rambling on with his…

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From sacred to profane The Hottentot Venus effect – Naturism,nudism and clothes free living African Americans and the clothes free community

Part 2 of an important and informative series on clothefreelife.com , take a look.

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“If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred” -Walt Whitman I Sing the Body Electric

In many ways the next chapter in the clothes free history of Africans and their descendants in Europe and the Americas could be described as a journey from the sacred to the profane. The cultural and religious values of European colonists judged the natural, logical states of dress of the indigenous Africans to be profane, barbaric, savage and uncivilized. The colonial era and the accompanying slave trade which brought Africans into contact with Europeans who had a limited view of the world, amplified this perspective. The European populous was exposed to body shapes and skin color they had never seen before.

Her “unusual” physical characteristics though not unnatural for Khoisan (Khoikhoi) women were considered freakish by Europeans in London and then Paris. Many African-American women will recognize the body shape that was…

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The African Continent Naturism, Nudism and clothes free living -African Americans and the clothes free community

Part 1 of an important and informative series on clothefreelife.com , well worth the read.

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“Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter” – African Proverb

This is the first in a four-part series of posts about the presence of African-Americans and people of African descent in the clothes free community for Black History Month. This series will look at a brief history of naturism, nudism, and clothes free living in connection with  African-Americans and their participation in the clothes free community. Hopefully, this series will accomplish two things; deepen the awareness of the African American community about the historical practice naturism among people of African ancestry. Also to encourage dialogue between the African-American community and the clothes free community about the lingering limiting factors that impact their participation.

The history

In order to understand the current state of African-Americans and naturism, nudism and clothes free living, we have to look back at the history of naturism, nudity and…

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Naturism and Nudism have a PR problem

A really important discussion.

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Naturism and nudism have a PR problem and if it isn’t resolved the consequences could be disastrous. The problem originates from the advent of new technology social media and cultural shifts.

Often while browsing the web looking for news stories I come across ordinary people who share their clothes free experience who start by saying I am no nudist. The word nudist has become so associated with sexual nudity that ordinary people who genuinely want to explore naturist and clothes free living avoid it. Porn mongers, pervs and sex trolls have coopted the term nudist to describe their sexual activities and promote their sexual proclivities. Google the word nudist or search on Twitter and the majority of items returned will be porn related.

I can also tell you that the cultures between swinger nudism and family-oriented nudism really aren’t all that different.
Source: r/nudism

All over the internet…

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