Naked star gazing

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At night the naked giants looked longingly at the stars.

They sought their origins in the costellations.

But their vision suffered from myopia,

so the stars and the great constellations were but a blur.

There ears were no better, fitted for hearing things near, not far.

But they had a sixth sense, as only naked giants have.

Telepathically they searched and searched for other naked giants.

And what if they found them? They had no transport that would take them there.

And what if they found them? Even if they could communicate by mind alone?

Then they would know. They would know where they came from

and that they were not alone in the galaxy.

That they were not freaks, unusual among those on Earth,

but with a shared genotype with others,

even if far away.

That is why they searched the heavens at night.

That is why they longed…

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