Loving Honesty

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hnh 4-6-2015

My clothes free journey has been a true practice of loving honesty. Engaging in clothes free life, especially with clothes free yoga as part of it, is teaching me to be with what is: this is how my body feels right now, this is what is on my heart.

Over time I built of the habit of wanting to either fix whatever I thought was “wrong” with me or anesthetize myself altogether, ignoring what is going on beneath the surface. My clothes free life no longer permits me to be that way, at least not for long. Being naked in my body forces me to be naked in spirit with myself. Thank goodness, because when I take advantage of that opportunity to give up the fight, I tap into what is real. I take off the mask of, “this is how it must be” or “everything is fine” and get to the…

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