Barely Seen

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

I saw her before, or so I thought. But this past Saturday, in the silence of a sunlit moment, was the first time I really SAW her.

Some time ago, I opened up to her about my trek into clothes free life. When I told her, she beamed and talked freely with me about it, including how much I love practicing clothes free yoga on my own. At some point I mentioned wanting to attend a social event. Not terribly far away is a group that meets now and then to do clothes free yoga. I hadn’t yet mustered up the guts to go; I still haven’t, but at least she knew about my desire to connect with others.

Recently she messaged me, “Hey can we hang out?” YES. It was definitely time for a full day of fun and chat. We were tossing thoughts around about what to do during hangout time, and finally…

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