No solo ladies?


Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

As @IbanSaram I caption and post naturist pictures on Twitter; besides my normal Twitter fare I post a “Thought of the Day” and a “#TeamNaturist” picture on a more or less daily basis. The images normally depict nude people either outdoors or doing run-of-the-mill things around the house and every once and a while I try to use an “artsy” image. Some of them are posed, some candid, but the people are almost always identifiable, i.e. you can see their faces or some identifiable mark like a tattoo.

Not a lot of those images – just a handful in fact – are of unaccompanied ladies and that has become the subject of a number of “direct messages” I’ve received recently. Aside from the very obvious reason (showcasing a relatively low number of clothesfree women reduces the feed’s attraction to people who are just looking for additions to their “wank banks”)…

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