Barely Seen

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

I saw her before, or so I thought. But this past Saturday, in the silence of a sunlit moment, was the first time I really SAW her.

Some time ago, I opened up to her about my trek into clothes free life. When I told her, she beamed and talked freely with me about it, including how much I love practicing clothes free yoga on my own. At some point I mentioned wanting to attend a social event. Not terribly far away is a group that meets now and then to do clothes free yoga. I hadn’t yet mustered up the guts to go; I still haven’t, but at least she knew about my desire to connect with others.

Recently she messaged me, “Hey can we hang out?” YES. It was definitely time for a full day of fun and chat. We were tossing thoughts around about what to do during hangout time, and finally…

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JUST BE clothes free yoga challenge day 10 Easy

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Easy seated with upward salute is the pose that was inspired by today JUST BE challenge. Just be easy could well translate just sit for me. I am constantly learning how to just sit with something in the moment to be easy with the circumstances of life. Learning the difference between sitting in stuff and sitting with stuff is my challenge to just be easy. When all is said and done can I just be easy with the moment, easy with mysel,f easy with others. That is my challenge today to JUST BE EASY

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Day 9 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge – Just Be OPEN

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Day 9 Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

cfl day 9 OPEN hnh

Just Be OPEN

Today I express OPEN through a supported adaptation of King Pigeon.

Lately, openness in my life has meant letting go of old recipes for success. Much of my energy went into proving my worth by pushing my way through everything, going hard in the paint all of the time. Although it seemed I proved my strength through all the extra effort, I felt I lost a lot of openness, flexibility and health both in my body and how I approached my life. “It HAS to be this way. I MUST do it this way. This has ALWAYS worked for me in the past.” Sometimes life calls for a change in recipe, like when certain fresh foods are no longer in season. I have to be open to new ways of accomplishing my goals, perhaps redefining them or redoing them altogether to adapt to what is…

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JUST BE clothes free yoga challenge day 6 flexible

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  Two words come to mind when I think of just being flexible, openness and surrender. Flexibility can’t be forced without risking injury so when I work on being flexible Ina pose (and in life) I try hard sometimes unsuccessfully to just be open to what my body has available that day that time and surrender in the moment in the pose to the breath. Revolved seated forward bend with leg variatiion

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Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

We want to announce a couple of updates we have made to the site this week.

We moved the posts to the front page of the site and removed the posts menu link. This is a provisional move that we hope will help visitors to the site find and access the latest posts quickly.this means if you have bookmarked the post page it can no longer be found. Just set your bookmark the home page. We would love to have your opinion.

We reformatted the yoga pose gallery page to make it easier to use and visually appealing. More details (name, English and Sanskrit benefits etc.) will soon be added to the pose images as well.

We added a nude art gallery page which currently featureS works from two artist we have done featured on. More to come. Check it out.

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Day 1 JUST BE Clothes Free Yoga Challenge

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Just Be: BOLD

cfl day 1 just be bold hnh

Day 1 of JUST BE clothes free yoga challenge: just be BOLD.

I express BOLD in variations on Mountain Posetoday.

There is something strikingly bold about simply standing still, unmasked, uncovered, just as I am, like a mountain! Whatever my traits, whoever I am, I stand BOLDLY, proudly, loudly quiet just as I am.

JUST BE #clothesfreeyoga challenge hosted by @homeclothesfree and @hontouniheart through

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Are women becoming more comfortable with their naked bodies?

Ladies, check out this post and share your personal experiences!

the sl naturist

Are women becoming more comfortable with their naked bodies? Yes. And no.

I think that we, women of the western world, are continually bombarded with news reports, magazine articles and so on which are tantamount to media terrorist atrocities against women, demanding we do this or that in order to conform to an idealised, unrealistic image of ourselves.

Look, some of us are fat, thin, tall, short, wearing the scars (sometimes quite literally, in respect of caesarean, mastectomy or hysterectomy operations) of this incredible journey of life. And yet we remain bombarded by the media in their quest to demand we be ‘perfect’. Little wonder we have so many insecurities about our clothed or naked bodies despite all of us being perfect already.

In that respect, then, no, we aren’t getting more comfortable with our own bodies, possibly we’re getting less comfortable with them.

I recently read an article about…

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