About the S*x Thing…

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

So, the sex thing…I’m talking about it.

Lifestyle clothes free folks maintain that the unclothed lifestyle is not about sex. Indeed, once I put Instagram and all the confusing sexual posts and comments there aside, I began to tap into rich conversations about clothes free life. I read the thoughts of people and share conversations with folks whose  clothes free lifestyle speaks and lives for itself; it’s just who they are, which is exactly how I feel. I’m really starting to get that, and it is so welcoming, encouraging and inspiring to me.

In this time away from Instagram I am becoming more fully present to my every day experiences in my clothes free life. I’ve been reflecting and wondering why I had such negative reactions to the sex posts on Instagram from folks who started as naked yogis and then turned it into a lusty fan club of favorite…

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