Poem: Broken and still breaking more

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hnh floorrollI recently went through years of poems I’d written across different platforms. Most of them were handwritten in journals; some were online. This is one I unearthed from an old blog, a touch of editing. 

A lot of things are opening up for me through clothes free life. There are many secrets, passions, identities and convictions I had stuffed away and abandoned for a variety of reasons over time. I was feeling the weight of that departure here, the need to go back and uncover who I really am, and, yet complete fear around doing so. Now that I am clothes free, little by little, piece by piece, I’m returning, blowing off the dust of me, removing the layers and unearthing my naked and authentic self again.

Draw in, go deep into the ground
The stairs of me down wrap around
Smelling dampness of the soul
Recognizing years of mold

I see so many sides…

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Learning to love our bodies

This beautiful and open share touched me deeply.

Project Naked

Bodies are funny things. Like many people, I have a love-hate relationship with mine – this doesn’t just affect women! I grew up in a family of three girls. My good-looking mother modelled clothes for a local fashion store, and was known to say “you can never be too thin”. She often reminded us that she was only 6stone 10lbs (42.6kg) after having three babies. She ‘watched her weight’ (an interesting term, isn’t it?) throughout her life, and remained petite, though never as thin as she had been as a young mother. She smoked cigarettes (as all the trendy young women did after the Second World War), and died some years ago of a smoking-related cancer.

I was a much loved, ‘plump’ child – a mass of blond curls, chubby cheeks, legs, arms; mum called me her “sugar plum fairy”. Today people would describe me as ‘slim’. I wear size…

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Naturism, disability and body confidence.

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20131124-150838.jpgThis is a subject very close to my heart and with so many stories lately in the media of people coping with body confidence issues, I wanted to write my story of coping with an illness which has left me with some physical deformity but thanks to Naturism has given me the confidence to love and be proud of my body.

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (a reactive Arthritic disease) which causes inflammation of the joints, pain and stiffness and can lead to total fusion and lack of mobility. I have suffered with AS for well over 20 years now and it has been a roller-coaster of conflicting emotions, sadness, depression, love, fear and hope. All through my illness I have continued to keep my naturist passion and following the naturist ideals of body freedom, love, nature, respecting the body and those of others. My AS has left me…

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Naked Philosophical Thoughts

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Thoughts arising on a rock in the Caribbean Sea. Thoughts arising on a rock in the Caribbean Sea.

I am blessed in so many ways. To have this time in my life to simply be one with nature without always having to wear clothing is one of those blessings. To have a wife who accepts my need for moments such as this one in the photo to the left, is even more precious  as a blessing. She was the photographer for today’s image.

Being retired gives me time to immerse myself into a life that is resurrected upon the ashes of my previous life, life before retirement. With this time filled with meditation, writing, walking, photography, depth psychology and most importantly, love; I dare to explore the fullness of the possibilities of “self” that have been buried in the shadow lands of the unconscious.

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What I Learned From Teaching…Naked. | elephant journal

One day _/\_

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The space inside of us that houses our ability to accept is that same place that holds our pure love, our compassion, our courage and our ability to approach each moment outside the confines of our metaphorical clothes—that which restricts us.
To be honest, I feel more naked out in public fully clothed than I felt in that yoga room; I didn’t feel naked, I simply felt myself.

Even though most of my weekly classes require me to teach with clothes on, I now know how it feels to show up to a place exactly how I am—completely free in my own expression of self…every stitch of me, even the shredded bits.

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Nakedness is the special sauce


I love these parts especially:

“Because when we are naked, our skin (the largest organ of the body) becomes and instrument of perception of the physical world…”

“Our bare skin gives us access to a whole additional dimension of the real world.”

This has been the profound experience for me since coming to clothes free life some 5 or 6 months ago: ACCESS to so much more that I could not feel or experience prior to being in this lifestyle. I feel like I’ve received the key to a door that led me into a kind of Alice n Wonderland feeling, because of how potent and life-changing things have become for me. Except, rather than fantasy, it’s real.

Naturist Philosopher


Nakedness is the special sauce that enhances so many of life’s finest, most profound experiences:

It’s rather astonishing that most people in our society think of the pleasure of nakedness exclusively in terms only of the last item on this list. Why? The only reason, really, is that most people think of nudity and nakedness solely in terms of what society has taught them. Unfortunately, there’s way too little original, independent thinking about far too many things, and this is just one example.

Getting naked is usually regarded merely as the initial stage of a sexual encounter…

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