Observations from my first summer of social nudism

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  • Nudists are a microcosm of the larger society. This summer I met nudist who were democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, nice and less nice, welcoming and less welcoming, talkative and quiet. All kinds of people are nudists
  • Nudists do really come in all shapes and sizes. On my visit to the resort There were all kinds of body shapes,levels of fitness, heights, widths when it comes to body types and shape the nudist community really is diverse.
  • By and large nudist are friendly people. Just as with the rest of society there are people who are super friendly and other not so much. Good thing for me I always came across some friendly folks.

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2 thoughts on “Observations from my first summer of social nudism

  1. You have a classy and beautiful approach and quite a gift for writing and poetry. Your descriptions of the calling of nudism and the astonishment of the re-awakening of our Being when we shed our clothes and the blessings we experience when we live nude.
    Nude living is truly Free Light living, as we’ve always been meant to live.
    Bless you!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing these generous words! This article written by homeclothesfree struck me so much that I had to share. I, myself, am new and full of so much from the experience of being clothes free. So, whether by sharing the beautiful words of others or pouring out my own batter, the words touch my spirit and remind me that this is the true path for me.

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